Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will I be able to take my phone with me?

Yes, you can take your phone with you.

Q2. Will my family know I have asked for counselling?

We do not inform your family if you attend an appointment, however your school may ask for parental consent. If this concerns you then please email the counsellor working in your school to chat through.

Q3. Can I bring friends with me?

Yes, you can bring a friend with you or you can ask someone to meet you after the session. Sessions are usually one to one but if you would like to discuss this before an appointment, please email the counsellor working in your school.

Q4. Can I choose to have either a male or female counsellor?

Yes, if you would prefer either a male or female counsellor then this would be arranged.

Q5. I’m not sure what type of counselling I need?

This is not unusual and can be discussed in more detail at either your first appointment or you can ask to chat this through before your first appointment.

Q6. Can I get time off school for counselling?

Counselling appointments are usually arranged during the school day.

Q7. My issue is small and personal to me? Would I be wasting your time?

No issue is too ‘small’. If it is causing you distress, then it is worth exploring.

Q8. When should I see a counsellor?

This is a personal decision but if you feel you are struggling then you are encouraged to make an appointment.

Q9. Can I get counselling online?

Yes, if having an online session feels more comfortable for you then that can be arranged.

Q10. Are drop-in sessions available without needing to make an appointment?

You can check this by emailing the counsellor working in your school.

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